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Age of Conan Reviews

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Age of Conan Reviews

Age of Conan – Introduction
Age of Conan is a MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game) by Funcom. It’s taken some time to develop, and it has a very solid game and campaign. You don’t need a lot of time to get started, but the game is substantial. There is enough to do and explore in Hyboria that you’ll have hours of enjoyment. Though you can also do some serious work while playing the game.

You start out in a world Conan where you’re a hero, and you have to find your way back in time and save your daughter. Or more suitably, your wife. You’ve been away for quite some time, and now you find yourself in the Conan realm. As you go about doing the stuff that heroes do, you will find that you start meeting more people. It’s really an interesting concept, and you start to care about the characters and all of the drama that is going on. The quests are varied, and they give a sense of truly Conan working and acting as a group.

You also get to develop your own legacy. You can give your fellow characters gifts, and you can also hire Paidiers. Paidiers will repair your armor and weapons, as well as supply you and your allies’ needs. You also get to manage your household and all of your businesses. All of this, from the first moment that you are introduced into the game, is just stunning.

Factions play an important role in the game, and also make the storyline more Conan interesting. There are the Aquilonians, who are quite the bunch of kids who are out to find treasure. They have a treasure Conan worth hiding, believe me. The location of the treasure is kept secret, and only some of the heroes have found it yet.

The Cimmerians are a group of warriors that are looking out for the glory of their ancient predecessors. They are Vikings inHyboria, and they have Settled in the area and become merchants. They speak the Old Norse tongue, and they have quite an interesting back story. There is quite a bit of history here, and it’s all wrapped up in some pretty interesting looking armor.


The Valiants are a elite group of warriors, and they are planning to take over Hyboria once the last gems are handed over to them. They are quite powerful. Their aim is to take over the Hyborian throne, and they plan to take it in a violent way. They’re Vikings, or High Elves in other words. There’s a lot of detail that is thrown in to the character of the Valiants. There are even Dark Elves and Vampires. The animated daggers are replaced with feathers, the wolf hair has been changed into manes, and they have turned their frowns into a frown.

You start off Conan with a character that is Conan rather basic. You’ll have a few abilities but they aren’t very impressive. Then you’ll gain abilities as you progress and your stats are increased. There are the standard skills and the most advanced ones. You have spells, which are the magic-like skills that do things like damage, healing, and surrounding the target with various effects. There are also the class skills, which are passive skills.

You will spend a lot of time exploring and fighting, mostly in multiplayer mode. The game is almost split between exploring Hyboria and fighting other Conan players. During the latter mode, you will gain money and experience points. During the early exploration, you will find all sorts of armor and weapons to help you along the way. You will need these weapons and armor when you fight other players. While you fight other players, you will find that your health and mana will be declining quickly. At this point, you will want to head to the nearest hospital and heal yourself. When you’ve healed enough, you’ll want to teleport to the next town and sell your current equipment at the store. 

You’ll find that quite a few armor and weapons Conan fall into the “sellable” category. If you can get a hold of these items, you can make quite a bit of money. You should sell these items to players that are at least level 20. Before you teleport back to your own town, you should consider torso enhancements, which improve your health and mana. UFABET เว็บตรง

There are a few keys that will help you avoid trouble: do not flash your gems, do not tamper with other characters, and do not steal or attack anyone. One of the biggest secrets is that you Conan should not attack other players until you’re ready to fight. Smacking someone will usually set them off-guard and increase the chances of a fatal mistake. Also, consider who else is around when you’re fighting. If other players are around, you may want to listen to their directions so that you don’t run into Conan other enemies.